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Democracy Club API Terms of use

This applies to the Developers API at

Latest version (2 November 2019)

Our API is currently in private beta. An API key will be provided on request

Users of the API agree to:

There is no fee or rate limiting, however we request notification of large amounts of traffic so we can maintain the quality of service for all users.

If you would like to discuss different terms of service, please get in touch.

Democracy Club reserves the right to withdraw access if the data is used in such a way that:

We aim to be clear and consistent in our application of these terms. In the event of problems brought to our attention, we’ll aim to follow the following steps:

  1. Democracy Club will raise the issue with the user, remind them of the terms and suggest steps to ameliorate the issue.
  2. If steps are not taken, or there is no response from a user, the issue will be reviewed by three board members and access may be removed. The executive director(s) has (have) the option to immediately suspend use before the review if they believe significant harm is occurring.
  3. A final review can be undertaken by the full board if the user requests it.

Giving attribution

If possible, include one one of the logos below when attributing use of the API, and link the image to our website.